Online Banking Q&A

Command Business Banking and Click24 Online & Mobile Banking Upgrades Effective August 25th!

Our Command Business Banking and Click24 Online & Mobile Banking systems will be upgraded on August 25th. We're confident that the new enhancements will make banking easier and provide valuable money management tools. New features include:

  • Mobile Check Capture – Use your phone for Remote Check Capture, which allows you to deposit a check into your CRB account just by taking a picture of it and sending it via our new mobile app. This is available to consumer and business customers.
  • Enhanced Transfer Capabilities - Transfer money to other CRB account holders. Parents will find this feature particularly helpful. We've also made it simple to move funds between your accounts at CRB and other financial institutions.
  • Easy Password Reset - If you get locked out or forget your password, you can reset it yourself. Your new temporary password will be sent to your email address on file with the bank after answering your security questions.
  • Enhanced text or email account alerts.
  • CRB Debit MasterCard® protection – if your card is ever lost or stolen, you can deactivate it ("Freeze It") then reactivate it when found, using your online banking.
  • Manage My Money – This will provide you with budgeting tools, expense reports and help you establish savings goals. In the very near future, you will also be able to consolidate account information from your accounts at other banks into this money management program. You can look at your overall financial status with one simple sign-in.
  • Enhanced Cash Management services – More Wire Transfer and ACH functionality will be especially helpful to businesses.
  • Enhanced Direct Connect access for Quicken and QuickBooks users.
  • Change your address and contact information.
  • Reorder checks online.
  • View Pending Transactions, including bill payments, direct deposits and debit card purchases.
  • Customizable screens – Within your online banking you can move tables to locations most convenient for you, and expand or contract tables on each page.

This enhanced online banking platform with customizable features will bring more functionality to your online experience and make it even easier to conduct your transactions and manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

For assistance, please email or call us at 508-533-8661 during business hours. We'll be happy to help! For assistance after business hours, contact 24-Hour Customer Support at 1-800-392-0284.

Online Banking Conversion FAQs

1. When will the new Online Banking go live?

  • Your newly upgraded Click24 and Command Business Banking to be available the afternoon of Tuesday, August 25, 2015.

2. Will there be any down time associated with the upgrade?

  • Our Online Banking systems will be unavailable from Monday, August 24, 2015 beginning at 3 PM while the system is upgraded.
  • Service to your new and improved Click24 and Command Business Banking is expected to be available on Tuesday, August 25th, between 1 and 4 PM.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience. For questions, please contact 508-533-8661.

3. What will I need to know/do in order to access my account beginning August 25th?

  • There is a new link to access your online banking from Charles River Bank's Home Page If you have a direct hyperlink to the login page saved in your Favorites list, on August 25th please replace the URL for Click24 or Command Business Banking login access with
  • Click24 Online Banking users will continue to enter the same User ID and Password.
  • Command Business Banking Users will combine their current Business ID with their current User ID to create a new User ID with a "/" between the two with no additional spaces (BusinessID/UserID). For example, if your current Business ID is ACME1 and your current UserID is Pat1915, after the upgrade on August 25th, your Command Business Banking User ID would combine both and would be ACME1/Pat1915 moving forward.
  • Your Password will remain the same.
  • You may be asked to select a new identity verification questions.

4. Will all of my information transfer over? Account history? Balances? Bill Payer?

  • Yes, all of the information you're used to seeing in Online Banking will be available after the upgrade.
  • Important Note to Bill Pay users - Verify that the correct checking account has been selected as the funding account from which the bills will be paid before you process and confirm your payments.

5. What can I do if I'm having trouble accessing my account after the upgrade?

  • Email ( or call us (508-533-8661) we'll be happy to help! For assistance after business hours, contact 24-Hour Customer Support at 1-800-392-0284.


In addition to our Online Banking upgrade, we are introducing new Mobile Banking app for iPhone and Android users, which will also be available on August 25, 2015. Mobile banking will be available for all customers, including business customers. Remote Check Capture will be available with this upgrade.

CRB Mobile for iPhone, Android and iPad FAQs

6. Will the Charles River Bank mobile app change?

  • Yes. You will need to download the new app on or after August 25th to enjoy the new enhancements including Remote Check Capture.

7. Will my login and password change?

A: No. Your login and password information will be the same as your online banking. (Command Business Banking users, please see information above in Q. 3 regarding the new format of your User ID.)

Remote Check Deposit - New Feature!

8. How do I deposit a check with the new CRB Mobile App?

  • You must first endorse the check on the back by writing "CRB mobile banking deposit only" then sign your name or use your business deposit stamp directly under this endorsement. Sign into your CRB Mobile Banking app and follow the on-screen instructions.

9. Are there limits to how much or how frequently I can deposit checks using the CRB Mobile App?

  • For the majority of customers there are Mobile Deposit limits of: $5,000 daily, $15,000 weekly, and $50,000 monthly.
  • Some customers may not have this feature available.
  • If you would like to request a higher limit, please contact a Personal Banker at any of our branch offices or call 508-533-8661.

The link below provides a brief overview of the Online Banking Upgrade:

View Demo


Quicken and QuickBooks Users

Click the appropriate link below for conversion instructions to update the interface with your Quicken or QuickBooks program.


Quicken for Mac 2015 - Direct Connect

Quicken for Mac 2006/2007 - Direct Connect

Quicken for Windows 2013-2015 - Direct Connect


QuickBooks for Mac 2013-2015 - Web Connect to Direct Connect

QuickBooks for Mac 2013–2015 - Web Connect

QuickBooks for Windows 2013-2015 - Web Connect to Direct Connect

QuickBooks for Windows 2013-2015 - Web Connect

For assistance, call us (508-533-8661) we'll be happy to help! For assistance after business hours, contact 24-Hour Customer Support at 1-800-392-0284