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Meet the CRB Super Squad

At Charles River Bank, we are committed to helping children in our community learn the basics of savings and financial responsibility. From elementary through graduation, we work with local schools on an ongoing basis to teach the fundamentals of banking to children of all ages.

To help us in our mission is the CRB Super Squad — Charlie, River & Barks — who are here to help making saving a fun adventure!

Meet the team

Charlie River Barks

A Labrador retriever,
Charlie is a natural
born leader.

River, a Golden Retriever,
is the team’s
computer specialist.

Charlie’s sidekick Barks,
is a beagle that’s
ready for action.

Free downloads
Click on a link below to download and print one of our CRB Super Squad printables. Check back often as we will be adding to our library.

Coloring sheets
The team (pdf)
Charlie (pdf)
River (pdf)
Barks (pdf)

Print and color masks
Charlie (pdf)
River (pdf)
Barks (pdf)

Links and resources
We’ve collected some of our favorite links and resources for parents, teachers and children:
Save Perry’s Pennies — TreasuryDirect Kids
Money Memory — TreasuryDirect Kids
Coin Collectors Club — United States Mint
FDIC Money Smart


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