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Tax Time Made Easier For Medway Co-operative Bank Residents

TOWN OF Medway Co-operative Bank TAXES AND FEES NOW PAYABLE AT Medway Co-operative Bank

Mar 29, 2006, Medway, MA—As a civic service to the Town of Medway Co-operative Bank and its residents during difficult budgetary times, Medway Co-operative Bank is pleased to step in and offer assistance with the Town's tax payment process. A new secure drop box has been installed at the Bank's 70 Main Street location, in the ATM vestibule. Medway Co-operative Bank residents and business owners can now place their town tax and fee payments in the drop box anytime, day or night.

Providing creative programs that serve all members of its community is a priority at Medway Co-operative Bank, and this new payment method is yet another such example. Due to the Town's budgetary constraints, hours that the Treasurer/Collector's office is open to the public have been reduced significantly. The new Bank-hosted drop box serves to accommodate those residents who want the convenience of paying their taxes and fees anytime. It also benefits the Town of Medway Co-operative Bank by providing greater internal efficiencies in the Office of the Treasurer/Collector.

Medway Co-operative Bank is always enthusiastic to demonstrate its ongoing commitment and investment in the Medway Co-operative Bank community. The Bank provided the $2,400.00 necessary to purchase and install the secure drop box.

The process for residents to make payments is simple at the Medway Co-operative Bank location. The lock box drop slot is built into the wall just to the right of the ATM. This slot is clearly marked “Town of Medway Co-operative Bank Drop Box for Tax and Fee Payments.” Individuals can insert a standard size envelope that holds a copy of their real estate, excise, water, sewer, trash or other bill generated by the Town along with their payment check. Cash payments cannot be accepted. Most importantly, access to the vestibule is possible seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The ATM vestibule can be accessed after business hours by swiping any valid ATM, debit or credit card through the card reader security device at the door that faces Main Street (Route 109).

Left to Right: Ann M. Sherry, Vice President Marketing & Business Development, Medway Co-operative Bank; Suzanne Kennedy, Medway Co-operative Bank Town Administrator; Jack Hamilton, President & CEO, Medway Co-operative Bank.

”We realize the importance of keeping up with the times by offering this payment option,” stated Suzanne Kennedy, Medway Co-operative Bank Town Administrator. “We are fortunate to have found a banking partner in Medway Cooperative Bank. So many residents already have a banking relationships with Medway Co-operative Bank, and with the Bank's central location in Town, this drop box will provide easy access for everyone.”

“We saw an urgent need in our community, and recognized that we could offer a convenient solution,” confirmed Jack Hamilton, President & CEO of Medway Co-operative Bank. “Town budget cuts have serious implications for all residents. If we can help make the tax payment process less stressful for our friends and neighbors, of course we are happy to do so. We are always looking for new and practical ways to impact the quality of life in our community, and hopefully this new service will make many lives a little less hectic!”

To learn more about the new drop box option provided by Medway Co-operative Bank, contact Kim Shorey, Acting Town Collector, at 508.533.3205.

Medway Co-operative Bank—with assets of $128 million—was founded in 1915, and continues to offer a wide range of individual and business banking services as the only purely mutual, solely local bank in the community. Medway Co-operative Bank continues to earn the highest rankings for financial strength from nationally recognized bank-rating companies including a Four-Star rating from Bauer Financial. Medway Co-operative Bank, a member of the FDIC and the SIF, is located at 70 Main Street in Medway MA. For further information, visit or call 508.533.8661.